Cooperation of football community groups on the site is an the real picture of real relationships in the real world with its opportunities and restrictions for different members of these groups.

After personal form filling and subscription activation(for football players, coaches and staff)you  will have your data to be viewed by clubs and club representatives, football scouts football agencies and player agents, school football coaches can contact you by principle:- If you are under 16 years old - your personal data, including professional, can be viewed by the football academy, schools and clubs.

- If you are registered as a professional or an amateur who has free subscription, your data will be viewed by professional clubs, including amateur (paid subscription), as well as agents in different countries. You have a unique opportunity to act yourselves, initiate communication with agents sending him an instant message or call back over  the phone (if access via phone is allowed)

- If you decide to get a free subscription, all amateur clubs and agents can view your data and contact you further.

For clubs, agents and schools have been registered and activated a paid subscription there is an option to advertise themselves, their pupils, clients, offer players,share information, and the most thing is to run active search of young talents, needed players  in different countries, coaches and staff, using easy-to-use (circle-search engines), as well as the option to immediately send an instant message or select one or more profiles for further viewing in the personal account.

Free subscription enables you to advertise your club, school, pupils (3 to 5 people), and offer a club up to 3 people. Also you can inform that you need some football players or pupils (for schools), but makes it impossible to communicate within your own and other groups, as well as run the active search of needed people with the help of search engines. Only  professional clubs and the clubs which have activated a paid subscription, as well as the agents there is a provided function to exchange instant messages within the group and between their groups, view detailed information about proposed players and the most important thing is that they have the possibility  to use search engines (circles - search engines) in all registered groups.