History of creation

In August 2012, not being able to actively get around the country (at that time I worked in football sphere), I thought it would be nice to create a site where football agents and players can find each other. After all, it is difficult for players to recommend themselves  to a particular club, and the work of the agent just assumes such recommendation to this club. Next, how to quickly find a football agent, how to get into the football club, how to find a football academy, find other football players, get acquainted? Having gathered like-minded people who work in this field, we have discussed this idea and started to put it into practice.

    Each one had experience in the field of sports and football in particular. Someone has found a sports school, another - a football club. The majority of us worked as football coach, football functionary, player agent, football player. The work started and we thought that we should unite these main groups of football community where we work.

    A year before we tried to make a clear system of interrelation of player with club and agent; of an agent with club, parents and coach of a player with football . I must say that there our experience was helpful.

We used our skills and abilities that we acquired with the course of our sons’ football career. So to some extend we experienced it  ourselves what obstacles a person fond of football can have if he wants to make a football career or become the part of some football community. We do know how thrilling and interesting football can be and how tricky the life can be if some unexpected injuries happen to you, when you do not have like-minded people next  and conflicts and deceptions take place. And we do know how sometimes it is is difficult to recover after these situations, knowing that the laws of football cannot always help.

    More than a year of active work and consultations  with football experts, amateurs, professional football players, best country football agents, football coaches, football scouts (football scout), football clubs and football schools, their representatives, the daily work on the site concept, its basic elements and content and finally site development  made  it possible  to have a product which , I hope, will really help many people to advance their football career, or grants support and confidence about creating a football club.

    I must say that when we started to think topic through, we researched the net- the Internet and did not find anything suitable. However, later some decent projects with good content were launched. We decided to take our own way that we thought up and make it in practice with you possibly. It is you that we made effort for, to help you and your opinion, remarks and offers will be the most important for us. So you are welcome to write your opinion how we can make the site better , what kind of support you would like to have.

 The motto of the site: "FootballAndJob.com will help you find your club, agent, player, football school. Find each other! You always have a choice!" is not placed accidentally . I would like you not to be limited to some restrictions or strict conditions. You have the right to  choose certain conditions or subscription plans. After all, on the site there will be legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, very rich football clubs with reputation  and amateur football clubs, football academies from football grands and provincial football school, budding football agents, who need this site and the big football agencies, who will be able to get the maximum out of this site.

On this site everyone will find the place they deserve whether you are professional or amateur. In his turn amateur can upgrade his level and turn into professional. And the most important thing is that  everyone can do it, for someone it will be free of charge, because not for nothing  we designed the motto of our website as"... You always have a choice!"

And yet, as one friend of mine said that we manage to move to the Internet (online) the entire football community  with its player,coaches and staff transfers, offers and searches of football clubs, football agents and agencies, football academies their set style of interrelation among themselves on different levels, with its life rules and restrictions, formed naturally in accordance with the requirements of FIFA and UEFA regulations.


With best wishes,

author of the project