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We are introducing a new project which is a new international portal site www.footballandjob.com, which means football and work - the interaction of major groups of the football community together.

1 group - a group of players, which includes football professionals and amateur players.  

2 group - coaches and staff,which includes coaches and staff working in the professional and amateur clubs, football schools, football academies and other establishments; such as the head coach, football coach, assistant of head coach, sports director, football club manager, the doctor , massage therapist, football club administrator and others.  

3 group - player agents, where there are football agents from different countries, football agencies , football selectioners, football scouts.  

4 group - football clubs from different countries of the highest professional level from different leagues and numerous clubs of the amateur level.  

5 group- a group of schools, here are all football schools, titled football academies, football boarding school, training schools that prepare for the Olympicgames and many others.

What is the purpose of this website portal footballandjob.com? What for is it made? The motto of the site briefly describes its idea: "Footballandjob will help you find each other - your club, agent, player, football school! You always have a choice!"  

I would even say that this site is based on our desires and needs. Football player and coach urgently want tp find a new football club, new work, better conditions, career prospects, impoving skills, playing and working in the best teams.

Of course, some want to contact directly the club or a football school, others want to take advantage of the football agent because the agent has an extensive base of football clubs, and many players and coaches do not want to stray in talks, deal with contracts, and many just do not know how to do it.

Similarly, a football club is interested to find faster good players and put for transfer to be bought or rented those who are not needed.  

Clubs of lower rating, league or football school are interested, on the one hand, to sell a player with advantage and, on the other hand, to find a good supply football player and make them professionals. Also, they both want to see the best coaches and staff in their ranks to achieve these goals.

A football school here can put its best players in the database of football schools for view by their potential football clubs’ selectioners as there are present best players of the country and the world.

An agent tries to quickly find a talented football player ,not necessarily very young one , as an experienced player can be much easier to work with - he knows what he wants, he does not have unnecessary assistants like parents, who often do not help so as do more harm in talks with the club.

The agent needs the same database of players, coaches, football clubs and football schools, which our site www.footballandjob.com has. He needs to see and know which club is looking for a particular player, head coach.  

The agent strives to advertise his client, a football player, and make him known by as many good football teams, football agencies as possible for rapid employment. That is, the football agent himself can offer his clients, has the right to search in the database of players and coaches, put job vacancies on behalf of the football club if he works with it.

We see that we can satisfy desires and needs of both potential employers who are football clubs, football agents and soccer schools and job candidates who are players, coaches and staff, and we do our best to put it into practice  

Enter our www.footballandjob.com and you can see its structure and test all the tools that contribute to the satisfaction of the desires and needs of the main groups of the football.  

Also on our website you will find news about transfers, rumors about changes in clubs (and not only this),blog news feed in the section "Blogs and stories" where the views of leading experts of the football community will be presented, stories of football personalities and simply interesting articles about fooyball. On the site registered users are given the opportunity to submit ads about, football players’ auditions,meetings, services, sales of sports goods, congratulations with special occasionsand anniversaries and other previewedoptions.

What is the main difference between our site and any other in the world, which people only find job vacancies in football or place their CVs for the position of football stadium cashier, cleaner where you sometimes find information from footbal star player.  

The main thing is the site uniqueness which consists in the natural interaction between the main groups of the football community, with its opportunities and limitations,established rules like in real life. These groups are five, and each group is a unique database of information, the migration of people in these groups, and the convenience of a quick search, selection and viewing of the needed person, company, instantjob vacancy or offer a football player or coach. All these activities are done from the safe personal account or you can use the search engines in communities.

It should be noted that on the site there is a division of professionals and amateurs, that is, they do not interfere with each other and do not interact, and at the same time, an amateur, a football club player or football club has the opportunity to become a professional.  

Personal form filling, proposal of football player and coach is simplified as much as possible. You will not have to think a lot what to write in your profile, how to and where to offer the player, write about it separately, not miss some parameters, how to upload photos or videos and if it is possible at all, and then, where to find a necessary football player, coach, where to go and who to call? We made it clear and you only choose options using the tips.  

These parameters are easy to read and they are complete for vacancy consideration of a specialist, a football player , a football club or a football school.

Example 1: You are the sports director, a coach or a selectioner, and, for example, need a left midfielder, with specific data.Now do not call (like you did)many agents, familiar coaches, clubs, and just need to place your player job vacancy. This information falls into the instant database of football clubs (in our case the group,, Football clubs,,) and becomes visible to all interested parties of the football community (clubs, agents, agencies), and hundreds of football clubs, football agents will be ready to offer you their client or player for this position. That is, you really win the time for search of a football player, similarly if you offer a player to another club.

Example 2: You are a player and want to quickly find a club, possibly not in the country. Before, you had to find an agent, ask friends, ask to be viewed, but now you should carefully fill your profile, add photos and video of your game: the best parts of your game in importantl matches, and your information will be immediately available to hundreds of potential clubs, academies and schools. Moreover, you yourself will be getting job vacancies in the news feed. Moreover, on the site you can be contacted by instant message, over the telephone, via email and sent invitations to auditions. The same applies to coaches and staff.

Example 3: You're an aspiring football agent, still nobody knows you, although you possess great knowledge about football, law and human psychology.You already know football clubs, what football player can match their teams, but to find a football player, you have to travel a lot, wasting precious time, huge amount of money, which lacks at the beginning of the career, and it is difficult to approach the experienced players, to offer your services. On our website the players themselves will be looking for you and you will be able to search for the necessary player for a club. Moreover, the agent can place proposals about the players and the staff, and also place job vacancies in this category.

Example 4: You are the director of a football school, you have good players who are school graduates, and you want to offer them to good football clubs, having the compensation for their training . Now you probably call familiar football agents, friends and representatives of the clubs , offering them to come and look at the pupils. Some come, others do not, they do not have time. It is much easier and quicker to put your best students in the footbal proposal database of football schools, doing it from your personal account with photos and videos. This proposal once will be available for all clubs, agent , academies. Similarly, you can place a job vacancy about the particular football player, a coach, other staff.

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