Are you a professional football player or amateur?Anyway,your goal is to find directly another club or use an agent to advance your career. Do you make the first serious steps in football and want to make yourself more known to your potential employers clubs  or want to find the best football school or enter the prestigious football academy?

To do this, you just need to click "Register", then select  a group "Players" and register in it  completing 4 obligatory fields. Then you go to your personal account, where you fill in your profile with personal data and professional skills  and attach appropriate photo.

You can leave your profile without a photo(it is possible). Next you choose - Subscription activation: paid or for free. Paid subscription can last 1 year, 6 months, 3 months or 1 month. You will recieve tips to make payment for subscription. To make payment,you need to have own (or parents') bank card Visa or MasterCard. When it is done,your profile is ready, the subscription is made.

If you have activated a paid subscription (see more  Paid subscription activation in the section "Coaches and staff"), you can go to the group of "Agents", using the circle-search by the same title - "Agents," or from your personal account office using the button ,,Search,,, browse and choose your agent for partnership with the start of communication by  instant messaging.

You will also receive job vacancies in the section ,,My news,, from professional clubs and football academies and support given after the Subscription activation.  Clicking  the button «on-line», you can use our support. You can order additional services which are a complete analysis of the contract in the section ,,Contacts,, and also place your announcements on the site from your personal account.

Free subscription enables you to receive messages about job vacancies in the section of your personal account ,,My news,, only from amateur clubs, and ,of course, your profile with all the professional and contact details, including photos and video, will be viewed by all professionals who are  interested. You will also have access to all information on the site and use the search of information, take part in the affiliate program and can place your advertisements on the site  in different sections (except search in circles)on the main page and the search of agents from the personal account.


Coaches, staff

Football coach on has great opportunities to realize their plans and aspirations, as well as any employee of the football club .

If you are acting head coach or a football coach, a trainer -selectioner, other club employee  (view the list of positions in the personal form). You work, but want to change job or you are looking for a job in your country or abroad, fthis website is for you.

By clicking on "Registration" and selecting a group "Coaches and staff," you as a football coach  or an employee of the club, you will go the personal account where you  fill profile (photos, personal data, skills, videos and photos about yourselves). Then you choose " Subscription activation": paid or free and the subscription period: 1 year, 6 months, 3 months, 1 month. You will be given simple and clear tips to do the payment via a secured payment system LiqPay or PayPal. For payment you need to have a bank card Visa or MasterCard. By clicking on "Return to Footballandjob" (the name may change) for Liq Pay, you move to your already actived account (profile).

Paid subscription gives you the right to act independently, entering the group of "Agents" and choosing an agent you need for help by contacting via instant messaging. This is mainly support to very qualified staff, such as head coach, football coach, a top manager of the club, the sports director.

You will  be able to use the sending system  of messages about job vacancies in the professional and amateur clubs, academies and football schools, as well as our support and service. Clicking the button «on-line», you can use our support. From the personal account  you can place job ads on the site in any section which is our pre-paid service via LiqPay or PayPal, and you can also order additional services - a complete analysis of the contract via E-mail.

Free subscription entitles you to receive messages about job vacancies  from amateur clubs and football schools with the ability to view your profile by interested people. You can also search and view all information on the site, except from the use of community search engines in groups and search of agents from the personal account. You also can place ads on the site.


Football clubs

Professional or amateur club uses the same way of registration, profile filling and option of the subscription activation:paid – for professional clubs ,free or paid - for amateur clubs. Payment is made by credit card Visa and MasterCard.

Football club can inform about the search of a particular player in its personal account (profile) promptly , by clicking "Needs" and filling in the simple form available for viewing by other interested clubs or agents. You can also add photos and video of the club.

With an easy-to-use input form  you can put a player for the transfer or  for rent, adding a photo or video of him (if necessary).

            By activating a paid subscription, you get the opportunity to see all of the groups on the site by clicking on the following community-search engines "Players", "Trainers and staff," "Agents", "Clubs", "School", or use the ,,Search,, button in the personal account, view all profiles using different search filters, immediately send instant messages or select the needed people with one "click" for further viewing of their profile in the personal account. Also you can communicate by instant messaging or over the phone with any person interestinf for you from any of the groups.

            You will also have an available option to publish paid ads on the site, in the right section, by clicking the "Ads", where, for example, you can specify the date of the of players' audition, the anniversary of the club, tthe sale of your football stuff, renting football fields ...

            As an expert for the section "Football blogs", you can offer you leading specialist in the field of football, by sending a request to us via email. You will get support from us filling and preparation your personal data. Clicking the button «on-line» you can use our support.

            Free subscription gives football club right to put up to 3 people for the transfer or rent, inform the club is looking for players and staff, edit a profile in your personal account

You cannot use community search engines on the main page or search in your personal account taking into account all binding consequences.


Football agents, breeders, football scouts

You are a budding agent or already an experienced one, a big football agency running worldwide or small agency working within a country, feveryone will find this site  useful with all necessary  information you need and solution to tasks you face.

Football agents and agencies, football selectioners and football scouts  can  register, as well as other user groups using the section "Register" or opening the section "More" above their group and clicking the "Register." at the end of this page.

For you, as for the clubs who have activated paid subscription , all options to search the new clients with the help of community search engines in groups are available(with the help of filters or from the personal account). In the group ,,Players,,, the players who are over 16 years are available to you.

Having done the registration and filled in your profile, you press the Subscription activation, choose it for 12, 6, 3, or 1 month, pay the subscription with the help of you credit card Visa and MasterCard. You have the possibility to advertise your clients or provide other information about yourself including audio and video with the help of  built-in editor that prepares a special in-put page or use as a template to add your players in the database.

You can use our support, clicking the «On-line», as well as benefit from additional services — the analysis of the contract.

You can take the full advantage of search of the needed players, coaches, clubs and schools, immediately sending an instant message with the button "Message" or select data to your personal account, with one click "Select" for further viewing of personal and professional data, photos and videos at a convenient time for you in the personal account.

You are allowed to place announcements on the site in any section.

And the main thing is that you will be asked  for help and partnership by any member of the group "Players", "Coaches and staff", "Clubs", "School", "Agents" (who activated paid subscription) by using instant messaging. You may start a dialogue with a potential client or deny him.


Football schools

You as a football academy at the famous club or a football school in a small town, having a huge financial support from the owners of the club or modest income. Those will find this site interesting.

Some will try to find young talents from different parts of the country and the world, others seek to offer their students to the best academies and clubs, both want to have the best coaches and staff in their ranks. Each of you will find the solution to problems, partnership and achieve success which you deserve.

To do this, click "Registration", choose your group "Schools", register and fill your profile. Then you click " Subscription Activation" and choose a paid or free subscription.

If you want to choose paid subscription, then choose the subscription term of 1 year, 6 months, 3 months or 1 month by clicking the appropriate community  under the term of the subscription payable by a clear and simple payment system, using the tips (you  need to have a bank card Visa or MasterCard to make the payment). At the end we click ,,Return to Footballandjob,, (a phrase can vary in payment systems). Then you go to your personal account (profile), where after registration you will find all sections and the search button  available.


Paid subscription allows you to search the needed football player under 16 years old  with the help of community  search engine  (group "Football players") or the button ,,Search,, in the personal account, ask for the assistance by an agent in a particular country (group "Agents"), participate in a dialogue in your group (group "Schools") and do the search and selection of the staff (group "Coaches and staff").

You also have the opportunity to fill in the simple form in the profile, showing that you "need" in some players, coaches, staff and post photos and videos of their school.

You will have the opportunity to show your  best pupils up to 7 people with putting their personal data in a common database for searching and browsing by interested people (football agents, breeders clubs, football scouts).

Use the button «On-line» to request a support or just ask a question. You will be able to get advantage of additional service which is a complete analysis of the contract.

Using the section "Announcements" you can place a paid advertisement about the enrollment for school, the celebration of the football school anniversary, players' audition, giving football fields for rent,etc in the appropriate section.

Free registration allows you  to show your  best pupils up to 5 people by putting them into a database, inform that you need  players and staff, add photos and video about the school and about the players, place an announcement on the site in any section. Also you can search and browse information on the site without the ability to use search by groups in the personal account or community search engines on the main page.