Terms of use

This Agreement defines the terms of material and services on the site www.footballandjob.com (hereinafter - the "Site").


1. General conditions

1.1.. User of the Site is a physicalperson registered on the site in accordance with the procedure established by this Terms, in accordance with international law for acceptance of this terms and have the relevant authority.

1.2. The User is responsible for the accuracy, validity, completion and compliance with international law of the  information provided during the registration, and its freedom from claims of third-party.

1.3. Use of materials and services of the Site is governed by international law.

1.4. This Agreement is a public offer. Getting access to the Site, the User is considered to have accepted this Agreement.

1.5. The Site Administration has the right at any time to unilaterally change the terms of this Agreement. These changes take effect at the end of three (3) days after posting the new version of the Agreement on the website. In case of disagreement of User about amendments made the User must refuse from access to the Site and stop the usage of materials and services of the Site.

16. The administration reserves the right at any time to change the design of the website, its content, the list of services, modify or supplement used scripts, software and other items used or stored on site, any server applications at any time with or without notice thereof.

1.7. For information, photos or videos on this site are displayed or via links to other resources, such as YouTube, the site administration has the right to put its logo (the logo of the site) and to advertise, as well as the use of these materials, or to refer to them at the conclusion any contracts, leading to the development of the site and increase its profits.

1.8. Information provided to us through this site is the property of SPORTSVIT LLC. Website administration is not responsible for the validity of the information posted does not guarantee the quality, safety and legality of proposed.

1.9. Site administration is not responsible for the violation by the User of these Terms and reserves the right in its sole discretion, as well as receiving information from other Users or third parties abuse the User of this Terms change (moderate) or to remove any information posted by the User, violates the prohibitions imposed by these Regulations (including private messages), suspend, restrict or terminate a User's access to all or any of the sections or services of the Site at any time for any reason or without giving any reason, with or without notice thereof, not being responsible for any harm that may be caused to you by this action. The Site Administration reserves the right to remove a User page and (or) suspend, restrict or terminate your access to any of the services of the Site if the Administration finds that in its view, the User is a threat to the Site and (or) its Members. Site administration is not responsible for the exercise in accordance with these Rules temporary blocking or deleting data, or delete the personal profile (termination of registration) of the User.

1.10. By posting the Content to any part of the Site, User automatically Donates Administration the non-exclusive right to use it by copying, public performance, reproduction, processing, translation and distribution for the purposes of the Site or in connection therewith, including its promotion and advertising. For these purposes, the Administration can produce derivative works or insert the User's Content as components in the respective collections, make copies, screenshots page for promotional purposes, to perform other actions that serve the achievement of these goals. If the User deletes its Content from the Site, the right to its registration, profile, office and membership will be automatically revoked, but the administration has the right to store backup copies of custom content for an indefinite period.

1.11. All transactions with your ads are directly between Users. Thus, the administration of the site is not a party to transactions Users, but only provides a communication trading platform for placing ads.

1.12. All User payments for services provided by the administration of the Site, including a subscription to certain terms from 1 to 24 months, the supply of paid advertisements, a service for the analysis of the contract and other new, paid services are performed using secure global payment and banking systems, such as LiqPay , PayPal and others, are made to their secure servers, outside of the site. Site Administration and SPORTSVIT LLC have no relation to these payment systems and is not responsible for the correctness of nisut treatment, the possibility of not passing these payments. However, the Administration Site prilozhet every effort within its competence, to eliminate possible problems with such payments.


2. User rights and obligations

2.1. Users who place their information in blogs, may receive compensation in the form of free subscription to the site to the agreed time: 1 month to 1 year by arrangement. It may be another form of remuneration: cash or other legal means.

2.2. You agree not to take any action that can be considered as a violation of international law, including intellectual property, copyright and / or related rights, as well as any action that results or may result in malfunction of the Site and its services.

2.3. Use of material without explicit permission is prohibited. For the lawful use of materials is necessary to conclude licensing contracts (licenses) from the copyright holder.

2.4. When material is cited from this site including copyright works, a link to the site is necessary.

2.5. Comments and other User account on the Site should not be in conflict with the requirements of international standards and accepted norms of morality and ethics.

2.6. The User is warned that the administration site is not responsible for visiting and using them to external resources, links to which may be contained on the site.

2.7. You agree that the Administration is not responsible for and has no direct or indirect liability to the User in connection with any possible or loss or damage arising in connection with any site content, copyright registration and registration of such information, products or services, available or obtained through external sites or resources, or any other User's contacts, in which he entered, using the information posted on the website or links to external resources.

2.8. The User takes the position that all the materials and services of the Site or any portion thereof may be accompanied by advertising. User agrees that the Site Administration does not bear any responsibility and does not have any obligations in connection with such advertising.

2.9. The User is forbidden to register as a Member on behalf of or in lieu of another person ("the fake account") or write factually false information. The management has the right to delete all data of the User.

2.10. User agrees that the control of the site may collect anonymised statistical data about Users and their online subscriptions and payment for services provided by the site, including announcements, analysis of contracts for a specified period of subscription and other types of services provided on the site.


3. Other conditions

3.1. By using this site, User agrees that downloads from the site, or with the help of any materials at their own risk and is solely responsible for the possible consequences of the use of these materials, including the damage that this could cause a User's computer, or to third parties, loss of data or any other damage. Under no circumstances will the administration of the website or its representatives shall be liable to the User or to any third party for any indirect, incidental, unintentional damage, including lost profits or lost data, damage to honor, dignity or business reputation, caused due to the use of the website, Site content, or other materials to which you or other persons have access through the site, even if the site administration warned or point to the possibility of such damages.

3.2. All possible disputes arising from this Agreement or related to it shall be settled in accordance with international law.

3.3. Nothing in this Agreement shall be understood as the establishment between the User and Site Administration agency relationship, partnership relations on joint activities, relationships, personal recruiting, or some other relationship, not expressly provided for by the Agreement.

3.4. Recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement invalid or not enforceable does not entail invalidation of other provisions of the Agreement.

3.5. Inaction on the part of the Administration of the Site in the event of any of the Members of the Agreement does not preclude the site's administration the right to take appropriate action later in defense of their interests and the protection of copyright on protected under the laws of the Site Materials.


4.Final provisions

4.1.This Terms shall come into force for the User since its acception to and is valid for the indefinite period.

4.2.The current valid Terms are concluded  into Russian and can be provided to the User for information in another language. In case of ambiguity the Russian version of the Terms with its version in another language, the provisions of the Terms into the Russian language are considered valid and enforceable.


The usage of any Site service means unconditional compliance of the User with the provisions of this User Agreement.

The User acknowledges that he is familiar with all the points of this Agreement and accepts them unconditionally.