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Earn with us and do not try hard

Whether you make the first steps in football career or are already playing in the adult team, or simply love football, you have the opportunity to earn a part of our profit and when dont  pay at all  during our registration.


You can earn from advertising with You have to find and place an advertisement online  on the site and you will get from 30% to 50% from the advertisemnt placed on the site.

Find a football club or school for a paid subscription on our website for 12 months and get 20% of the site profit for this time period or benefit from free subscription for the same time and use all possibilities on our site as for paid subscribers . (For groups " football players"," coaches and staff, "" Agents").

If you have real agreement with a club or school, please write on our mail:, specifying the name of the club or school, your login if you already have an account on our site, e-mail, your surname and the name , the club or school name and its date of registration. The deadline for sending letters is one day (24 hours) after the registration of the club or the school. After this period, your letters will not be considered. Letters sent on time will be considered and you  will receive detailed instructions about your privileged subscription or bonuses  on your bank card.

VIP partners

Take part  in sponsoring (development) of our project and advertise your company or club on our website in the football countries for free, get the opportunity to get a free annual subscription and right to place a banner on our

Links (share links)

We offer you to exchange links about football. Place our link on your site or your button on our website and send a letter with your link  on We will place your link  in the section ,,Our partners,, or ,,Partners,, on the main page(for clubs  and academies ).

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