Here there is a choice!

You can choose one of 5 groups for registration.

The first group is the players: professionals and amateurs around the world.

The second group is the coaches and staff: head coaches, coaches, club managers, doctors, massage therapists, administrators with the experience of work in the professional and amateur clubs and those who are just making only the first steps in the world of football (without experience) from various countries around the world.

The third group is the  clubs: professional and amateur, the titled ones and provincial ones, located in different parts of the world.

The fourth group are individual agents or agencies (legal entities and private entrepreneur) operating worldwide and having a license.

The fifth group is football schools with various forms of ownership and different status, football academies at clubs, football colleges, which are preparing players from their childhood in different countries.

You have the opportunity to be registered as a professional or as an amateur!

You can choose a subscription plan for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months!

You can decide whether to choose free or paid subscription with great opportunities!

You can wait for a message or a call from a potential employer or start to act on your own -  contact the agent directly by sending him an instant message on the website or calling over the phone.

You can register in each separate group divided into professional and amateur in football;into  adults, adolescents and children;male and female, which is clearly displayed in the further search based on the unique and interesting system of community-searchers.

Although all groups pass the registration in the same way (e-mail, login, password, country), the system automatically divides subsribers by age, region, gender and professional criteria after personal form filling and subscription.

Football professionals are moved to  another database.

Football amateurs, in their turn, who have skills of professional level to fall into the ranks of professionals(football players – level of skills, clubs – work system, qualification – coanches and staff), but actually they are not such, have the opportunity to register among professionals to be noticed by professional community and possibly change their status into professional.

Football amateurs have their registration category and accordingly they can be represented on the site free of charge or with extended  options at less price than for professional players and belong to the football community  and interact with professionals.

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