Coachs and staff

You can choose a free or paid subscription.

Free subscription enables football coach and staff to create a profile in the personal account, indicating the personal data, (professional profile too), as well as edit it.

Football coach and the staff can publish and edit photos and videos about their skills for view by clubs and agents, football schools and academies, reply the messages sent you by instant messaging, via phone, Skype or e-mail.

You will receive the notification of vacancies from amateur clubs and schools, according to the position you occupy(what you indicated in your profile).

Football coach at can use all the information provided on the site, including blogs, announcements, news, gossips and site search.

You can place an ad on the site in different categories, and order the analysis of the contract (at  additional price).

Paid subscription offers additional, extended option for each coach of the football team and staff, as long as you activate it. You will have the constant support of our specialists and our partners on the site.

You will get  in-person consulting about form filling if it is necessary.

You will be able to answer instantly to clubs, agents, schools interested in your professional services by means of messages online.

Football coach and staff also have the unique opportunity to initiate a dialogue with the agent by sending him an instant message. The option to use the search engine in the group"Agents" by choosing a country or an agent.

You will receive notifications about job vacancies from amateur and professional clubs,academies and agencies from different countries for the period of the subscription.

You can get the language support, including translation of the personal form from the foreign languages ​​into Russian, as well as into another widely spoken language in the world. You will  be entitled to get advantage of the language support in the already started  communication with the club, the agent and the school.

In the personal account a football coach, a manager can choose the option to hide personal comtacts completely or partially or put the selected agent in the black list.

To place ads on the site and have the current or future contract fully analysed with a detailed forecast of the possible consequences of the contract that may  really happen to you is your additional benefit.