You can choose a free or paid subscription activation as you wish.

Free activation will give you the opportunity to advertise your young pupils (3-5 people) and players.

You have the opportunity to inform that you need players and other staff workers.

You will have access to all information on the site, including the use of a search engine on the site, except for the search of players and the other staff with the help of community-searchers.

You and your students will be seen by all interested professional and amateur clubs, player agents and football academies.

Your contact details will be available for all interested football community groups.

By activating a paid subscription, you get an additional opportunity to advertise up to 7 young pupils  and inform that  you need players and other staff workers.

You have the right to use the convenient search of players under 16 years and the needed staff using community-searchers in these groups, as well as proposals of the football players from your colleagues in your group "Football schools".

Also you can chat in the group "Football schools" and "Football players" (under 16 years), "Coaches" and "Staff" with the help of  instant messages you can send and first start to do it.

You will also find available a search of football agents and agencies with their offers of the players and the staff.

Using the convenient search engine, you can immediately send an instant message to the person you are interested in or select his profile with one click to browse it in your personal account.

For you we have provided convenient news feed, where you can track all changes and updates that happened to  your partners and clients that you have been selected before.

You can submit your ads on the site in the appropriate section to be displayed for interested people. For example, it can be the start date of the football player’s selection into the school ,the Football player’s audition or the school’s anniversary.

Keeping your expert blog  is another possibility for the professional fulfillment of your leading experts.

If you want, you can hide your contact information or restrict access to your profile for agents, using the blacklist.

You can order an analysis of the contract which is an additional service.