10 most important young talents in England

England national football team is always among the favorites of the final stages of major tournaments. However, in its history, the founders of the most popular game only managed one win in a major tournament. It was the World Championship 1966. Next year will mark the fifty years since that momentous victory. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of the ten most talented British, born after December 31, 1994. Perhaps they will help their national team at the upcoming European Championships and in the future will form the backbone of the team.  




10). Matt Target, defender "Southampton", 20.  

Left-back is a graduate of the football academy "The Saints". For twelve years he defended the colors "Southampton", speaking for the team of different ages. He began to attract to the game for the main part in the course of last season, replacing Nathaniel Clyne. In new season has become a full-fledged player base. Ronald Koeman holds the target with high hopes.  





9). Will Hughes, midfielder "Derby", 20.  

This young skinny guy impressed everyone with his play in the Championship last season. Scouts of the leading clubs in the Premier League watching him. In a manner of the game Hughes reminiscent Xavi, Pirlo or Iniesta, he is able to give a subtle inside pass.  






8). Jordan Aib, midfielder "Liverpool", 19.  

AYB debut of "Liverpool" three years ago. But then the club felt that it is still raw for the game at the highest level. Two seasons man wandered the rent, but now he become a major player on the team.  






7). Dele Alli, midfielder "Tottenham", 19.  

The pupil of the club spent last season in the Championship. Amazing showed himself in pre-season, Allie has convinced the head coach, "Tottenham" not rent it. In a match with "Leicester" was marked by the debut goal in the Premier League.  






6). Calum Chambers, defender "Arsenal", 20.  

Another graduate of the football academy of "Southampton". Excellent debut in the big football, Chambers drew the attention of Arsene Wenger. Two years ago, "Arsenal" paid for the 18-year-old defender of 16 million euros.  





5). James Wilson, forward "Manchester United", 19.  

Considered to be the main strike force for England across 5-7 years. He made his debut for the "Manchester United" in May 2014, marked the first two goals of the match. Now he play in rent.  





4). Ruben Loftus-Cheek, midfielder "Chelsea", 19.  

That player now compared to the great Patrick Vieira. Mourinho praises tirelessly guy and believes Loftus-Cheek future of football club "Chelsea".  







3). Adam Armstrong, forward "Coventry", 18.  

Is a graduate of "Newcastle". Last season, Pardew keep Armstrong slowly to the base. But after a football club management decided to send Alan retired, Adam only played for the youth team. Now protects colors "Coventry".  







2). Joe Gomez, defender "Liverpool", 18.  

Becoming one of the best players in the Championship last season, Gomez received an offer from one of the most renowned clubs in England. He is the best player of "Liverpool" in the first five weeks, according to the team's fans.  






1). Luke Shaw, defender "Manchester United", 20.  

"Manchester United" a year ago paid for the show 30 million euros, which speaks for itself. In his first season, Luke could not gain a foothold in the first team. But that Louis van Gaal began to trust him more playing time. Everything went like clockwork, but this week show got a double leg fracture in a Champion's League match and will miss at least six months.






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