Agents will be replaced with intermediaries

Dear friends.  

Due to the new policy and new FIFA regulations and rules, which came into force from April 1, 2015, the section "Agents" by  particular country is temporarily renamed into "The mediators' info" who will work as agents. These sections, with time, will be filled with the new information or FIFA page link, where representatives of different countries can be found.

We remind you that on our website for people's benefits, people representing  intermediary organizations (according to the new rules),helping the players and the club, will be placed in the section "Agents" subsection "Agents on the site". And the section "All agents" (of a particular country) will keep to the changed rules, and as it has been already reported above, the site will be filled as the information on FIFA site and other resources appears, showing the reality  of football intermediaries.

We do excuse  for temporary inconveniences because of the implementation ofnew regulations  that are beyond our control and remain the exclusive right of FIFA. We also remind that the agents (intermediaries) on our site have the right to not be seen in seacrh, therefore, some agents are not visible to  users who activated paid subscription. It is the exclusive right  of the agents (intermediaries) and its possiblity to view the players and coaches, while remaining "in the shadow" from the annoting clients and competitors.


Football & Job Team